Monday, May 21, 2012

Phenomenal Woman Analysis

TPCASTT Analysis
Claire Ludlow

T: Title
"Phenomenal Woman"
-I immediately think of feminism and women's rights
-The power that a woman holds
woman as subordinates

P: Paraphrase
-The subject, Maya Angelou, is proud of who she is
-Men can't really figure out Maya, but women envy her
-She is ambiguous
-Physically and mentally she is strong and powerful
-She likes her body as it is--mental strength

C: Connotation
-Maya's beauty is comehting that's different than what America views as beautiful
-Although she's, "not cute or built to suit a model's size," she possesses a unique beauty that possibly makes other women jealous and men intrigued
-Irony: she, as an African American woman, was most likely discriminated against, and didn't fit in what America said was "beautiful."
-The style of the poem is set up to show that no matter how people view her, she is a woman--phenomenally (Each stanza shows an outsider's opinion, herself confidence, and her strong statement of "I am a woman")
-Metaphors help emphasize her self-confidence
*They swarm around me, a hive of honey bees
*The fire in my eyes
*The sun of my smile
-No rhyme patter, but there are similar sounds in each stanza (please, knees, me, bees)

A: Attitude
Tone: The speaker and the author are the same, and their tone is confident and proud. This may be Maya Angelou's attempt at changing America's skewed view of what is beautiful
Observations: I feel that Maya (both author & subject) is indifferent about the women and men in the poem. The focus is on her, and she doesn't exactly care about what others think about her (jealous women, drooling/intrigued men)

S: Shifts
The poem shifts when the author/speaker introduces new 'outsiders' that, to put it harshly, are judging her. There are no significant stanza size changes. The separation of stanzas is effective, however, because it shows the different aspects of Maya's life that are watching her, and she continues to keep her head held high

T: Title
The title isn't as much women's rights as it is self-confidence and introducing a movement for change. Maya advocates for women to find their inner & outer strength and maintain power

T: Theme
A woman's beauty and power comes from the strength of her mentality--confidence is key

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