Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Plagued Journey Analysis

A Plagued Journey
By Maya Angleou
Analyzed by Claire Ludlow

1. Meaning—
            -Somewhat forced to regain hope as the sun rises, but constantly fights to go back to gloom and “bonds of disconsolation” with the darkness
            -An omnipresent sense of evil and darkness
            -Angelou centers on the struggle of maintaining hope in hard times

2. The setting: a dark room & throughout he poem the room is flooded with light
            -The previous equilibrium (darkness, night) has been settled because day has come (light)
            -An individual’s adversities between hope & despair
3. A single break in the poem shows the break between night & day

4. Her reconciliation with hope (day) is the climax of the poem, and is preceded with darkness once again


-internal struggle

-16 sentences
-descriptors dominate the poem
-Angelou is constantly describing the sentiments of the individual
            ie. First stanza’s focus:
                        -entrance of hope (light)
                        -effect on the individual (physically and emotionally)

8. The attitude towards the subject:
            empathetic—her knowledge of the struggle helps animate the plot of the poem

towards the person:
            -this creates an overall powerful meaning to the poem (via her words). Appeals to pathos emotionally
            -the use of first person gives her ownership, passion, & strengthens the overall theme

9. To some, Angelou somewhat reversed the roles of hope & despair in that she begins by describing hope (light) encroaching on her darkness—normally, a resolution ends & leaves the reader unnerved. However, Angelou ends with the subject reconciling with darkness once again which may seem contrary to the norm (not a denouement)

10. Hope & overcoming internal struggles are significant themes in this poem. The subject in the poem struggles throughout the poem, attempting to hide from the rapidly flooding light in the room (fear of reconciling with hope)

11. Angelou could have included her opinion on the ignorance of the subject to emphasize the theme of internal struggles

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